Welcome to Wilton Corporate Park . . . a 33-acre campus environment offering a strategic Fairfield County location.

A theater-style Auditorium with all the equipment needed for sophisticated presentations, is located at 50 Danbury Road off the main lobby of the building.

The auditorium has a seating capacity of 142 individuals. Cushioned chairs are directed towards the front stage of the auditorium. Each chair has a fold-up writing platform for convenient note taking.

In addition to the double doors at the auditorium’s main entrance, there is a glass exit door located on the stage. The door is clearly marked with an exit sign.

All tenants are invited to use the auditorium at 50 Danbury Road. However, a reservation must be made in order to use the facility. The first request for use of the auditorium will be honored when two firms want to reserve it for the same time.

The normal hours of operation of the auditorium
are as follows:


Monday – Friday, 8:00am – 5:00 pm

Weekends/Holidays and After-Hours – Special arrangements must be made to use the facility during these periods.
Please see the Reservations section below.

The following equipment is in place in the auditorium:

  • The auditorium equipment is operated through the control room located in the rear of the facility.
    From this room, the audio, visual, and lighting systems are controlled.
  • There is an HD projector in the control room which projects presentations onto the roll down screen.
  • The roll down screen is operated from the control room and in the front of the room.
  • There is a podium on the front stage of the auditorium. It has a laptop hookup (laptop is not provided)
    which connects to the HD projector in the control room.
  • There is a wireless, handheld microphone that can be used to hear questions and comments from
    members of the audience. This microphone is also tied into the audio system.
  • The audio system includes numerous speakers located throughout the ceiling of the space.
  • Lighting is operated through the control room. Pre-set lighting levels can be controlled.
  • Door and window shades can be lowered and raised from the control room.
  • High speed internet connections, wired and wireless are available.
  • Two phone lines are present in the room to receive phone calls from outside the facility, and to
    connect computers to off-facility systems.

The above audio-visual equipment is available for tenants to use. If this is something you would like to utilize, please specify this
at the time of your reservation. The 50 Danbury Road on-site staff will coordinate equipment set-up and instructions with your AV team
prior to your auditorium use.

Reserving the Auditorium
All reservations for use of the auditorium should be placed at least 48 hours in advance. We recommend that the auditorium
be reserved with as much advance notice as possible.

To reserve the use of the auditorium, click here to check the Auditorium Calendar to see if the auditorium is available. If it is, click on reservation form link, fill out the form and submit it. Or you can go to the Tenant Information tab at the top of the page and click on Calendars. If you prefer to download a reservation form, you can find one by going to the Forms dropdown bar within the Tenant Information tab. Once your reservation is received and booked, your reservation will be confirmed.

Alternatively, please call Marcus Partners, Inc. at 203-762-7200 x934, or send a Reservation form to mglazebrook@marcuspartners.com.

It is recommended that you have alternate dates available in case the auditorium is previously reserved.

The charge for each auditorium reservation is $50.00 for the morning 8:00am - 12:30pm and $50 for the afternoon 12:30 - 5:00 pm. This charge is for the following services required in the auditorium:

  • Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC)
  • Lighting and electric service
  • Cleaning

There will be additional charges for use of the auditorium for After-Hours usage and Weekends/Holidays.
These charges include hourly costs for building personnel and cleaning personnel.

Once your reservation has been confirmed, please make your check payable to: Wilton 50, LLC and mail it to:

Wilton 50, LLC
c/o Marcus Partners, Inc.
301 Merritt 7
Norwalk, CT 06851

Food Service
Sodexo is the café operator in the building. Sodexo is also responsible for food service to companies that use the auditorium.

Numerous options are available for food service before, during, and after use of the auditorium.

The on-site café manager is Darrick Tonini who can be reached at 203-762-0125. This is the phone number of the café office in
the building. In addition, Darrick can generally be reached in the café from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm Monday through Friday to review
menus and schedule food services.

If you are coming from 40 Danbury Road, please enter the auditorium through the entrances indicated on the map.

Rules and Regulations
Smoking: Pursuant to State Laws, smoking is not permitted.

Food: Please arrange any type of catering through Sodexo, our on-site cafeteria operator.

Cleaning: Please do you best to insure the Auditorium space is cleaned upon your departure. Vacuuming is included in your block fee.
If you anticipate special cleaning needs due to the use of the auditorium, please advise at the time of booking. A small fee may be
applied to your rental fee to accommodate this service.

  Rules and Regulations for the Auditorium

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